Closer to God

Closer to God


Presented by Le Guess Who? & Springhaver

Following the footsteps of Islamic mystics on the Indian subcontinent of Pakistan, the Swiss director Annette Berger managed to document the spiritual everyday life of the mystic Gogha Sain and master singer Ustad Naseeruddin Saami and his sons. As different as the path of these two mystics is, they have one thing in common: only those who can recognize themselves, can respect their fellow human beings. Closer to God reflects on the unique ancient heritage of the undivided subcontinent, and its transmission to the next generation.

Please note that you’ll need a free ticket to enter the film screenings at Springhaver because of limited capacity. You can get your ticket at the box office of Springhaver, during opening hours or at least 30 minutes prior to the screening (until sold out).

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