Listen: La Vida Es Un Mus presents the live premiere of Moroccan punk outfit Taqbir + more at LGW21

Listen: La Vida Es Un Mus presents the live premiere of Moroccan punk outfit Taqbir + more at LGW21

Mon Oct 18th
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La Vida Es Un Mus is a UK independent record label specialized in underground punk & founded in the London Borough of Hackney in 1999. This year, the label will host its own program at Le Guess Who?, with 2 of 3 acts already announced, and one more to come.

Finnish hardcore group Kohti Tuhoa is hailed as a crucial new voice in the Nordic region’s hardcore scene. Fusing an old-school punch with an angular approach, they manage to sound classic and fresh at once. Their latest EP 'Väkivaltaa' was just released, taking inspiration from early Spiderleg Records EPs and Killing Joke, and featuring lyrics that depict a violent world that is meant to reflect the state of the world in 2021. Listen below:

"Screaming out of Helsinki comes the latest, and probably best, addition to the pantheon of Finnish hardcore punk: Kohti Tuhoa. Cut from the cloth of Discharge, Framtid, and Nausea, the quartet delivers an acerbic old-school punch with enough of an angular edge to keep things sounding violently fresh" - VICE

Challenging patriarchy and religion in Moroccan Arabic, Taqbir is one of the most promising names to come out of the Taqwacore (punk music dealing with Islam and Islamic culture) scene in a while. Earlier this year, the group released their self-titled debut EP, subtitled 'Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause': a collection of four ferocious tracks. Their show at Le Guess Who?, presented by La Vida Es Un Mus, will mark their first live performance ever:

"Taqbir make harsh and riotous music teetering on the brink between punk and post-punk. Their songs are vicious tirades in which every drumbeat and guitar strum feels hits with violent intensity and every lyric sounds like a rallying cry. According to the label, these songs, sung in Moroccan Arabic, are “four short vomits of anti-religious sentiment made music.” Even if you don’t know what they’re saying, the message comes through loud and clear in the delivery." - Stereogum

Taqbir and Kohti Tuhoa both perform at Le Guess Who? 2021 as part of the program presented by La Vida Es Un Mus, with Taqbir performing both on Saturday and Sunday. Other artists performing at the festival include OSEES, Subhumans, Duma, Gustaf, Jesu, Plague Organ, and many more

Photography by Lisanne Lentink

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