Open call: Le Guess Who? is looking for video artists

Open call: Le Guess Who? is looking for video artists

Tue Aug 11th
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Video artists from all over the world are welcomed to have their work, related to the theme ‘Representing the Underrepresented’, screened as part of a new upcoming project

Le Guess Who? is inviting directors and video artists to send in their autonomous, abstract work of video art for online screenings this November. LGW calls on video artists whose works, one way or another, are related to the theme of ‘Representing the Underrepresented’ (this is also a theme closely related to the general mission of the Utrecht-based festival). Video artists can either submit released or yet unreleased work from their portfolio.

About Le Guess Who?
Le Guess Who? is dedicated to boundary-crossing and genre-defying music & culture from all over the world. The 2020 edition of the festival has unfortunately been postponed; in other years, the festival takes over the city of Utrecht during four days every November, with over 200 performances of music, film, visual art, film screenings and talks. Le Guess Who? focuses on artists that feel the urge to explore and expand the boundaries of certain genres and disciplines.

What are the guidelines?
- We welcome any work that can be associated with the theme of ‘Representing the Underrepresented’, but we are mainly interested in short video content, whether it's an animation, a short documentary or a short film.
- Deadline: you can apply for this open call until September 7th. After that, the artistic team of Le Guess Who? will attentively watch and discuss all submitted work and carefully make a selection that will be screened. We will try to notify you about our decision around 15 October. You’re welcome to submit more than one video.
- Please add a short explanation to describe the work and how it is related to the theme ‘Representing the Underrepresented’ in the application form. 
- Please send us a Vimeo url of the work when applying (Vimeo is preferred but YouTube or other platforms are also possible). If your upload doesn't play, or if you have provided incorrect passwords we can not include your work in the selection process.
- Fee/compensation for the screening when selected: € 150.

How to apply?
Applications for the open call for video artists are now closed.

Photography by Rogier Boogaard (work pictured: White Cane Amplified (2015) by Carmen Papalia, presented at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst as part of Le Guess Who? 2019). 

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