Statement: Le Guess Who? continues in a different form

Statement: Le Guess Who? continues in a different form

Fri Nov 12th
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This evening, the Dutch government announced new restrictions for cultural events. These restrictions will begin at 6PM tomorrow (Saturday) 13 November. In an already extremely difficult year for organizing events, we are again faced with several challenges, and also within a very short timeframe.

Our motto this year is Celebrate Change. We embrace these words, and we are currently doing everything we can to offer you the festival experience we have worked so hard to deliver.

Le Guess Who? will continue to happen. Saturday’s program will start early afternoon. The Sunday program will now be seated, and is also likely to move to an earlier time. We are working on the exact time schedules and will inform you as soon as possible.

* Update: the timeschedules for Saturday and Sunday are now available. Subject to change. 

We’ll need to adapt in many ways. The final two days of LGW21 will look different than we envisioned, and not all artists will be able to perform.

We are grateful for having you with us, and these first days have once again shown us the importance of experiencing--and taking inspiration from--music and arts, together with others.

We hope we can count on your support as we aim to overcome these challenges, while doing everything we can to offer you an inspiring time in Utrecht.

Team Le Guess Who?

Photography by Tess Janssen

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