Track of the Week #18: Boogarins - 'Foimal'

Track of the Week #18: Boogarins - 'Foimal'

Tue Sep 25th
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Every week, we bring you a must-hear track from the Le Guess Who? 2018 line-up. This week, we dive into the psychedelic, fleeting world of the Brazilian psych rockers Boogarins. 

Exploring their country's rich musical history through a very modern lens, Boogarins are a true Brazilian treasure. On their latest addition 'Lá Vem a Morte', Boogarins sound beautifully dark, pierced by moments of compelling chaos. But their songs are always filled with gorgeous, hazy melodies, light-feathered vocals and life-affirming beats.

An outstanding example of Boogarins' psychoactive songwriting is this week's track 'Foimal'. As the bass drum arises, one of the most wonderful, dreamy guitar lines you could imagine kicks in. While the song digs deeper into its multi-layered, kaleidoscopic sound, the state of confusion and alienation becomes bigger and bigger, to eventually transpire into the next song. 

Singing in their native language of Portuguese, Boogarins’ music will let you reevaluate the turbulent life of today. While 'Lá Vem a Morte' serves as a soundtrack of the end of the world, 'Foimal' responds to the cynicism and superficiality of today. On their website, Boogarins explain: 

"Maybe it’s always been this way. But it seems that we are living in a time where you might feel pretty close to an unhappy ending, inside the chaotic situation of the nowadays world. Relationships lose their meaning. Cynicism is not just a feeling anymore. It is something solid, that hurts every time you try to consider that your wishes need to respect someone else's lives. Every day, you don't really want to wake up. The confusion of dark dreams is more pleasant than the weak form you assume day-by-day. Being attacked in so many ways and directions, that you don't known the real reason you put yourself in this situation. These songs are a reflection of the lack of sensibility in which we live. Maybe it's time to be strong, throw away the hypocrisy and face the bad and the good feelings at once... and find some deep truth besides the infinite superficiality of our days."

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Boogarins will perform at Le Guess Who? 2018 together with a.o. The Breeders, Devendra Banhart, Kikagaku Moyo, Vive la Void, Psychic Ills, Shintaro Sakamoto, King Champion Sounds, Michael Rault, Negro Leo, Cass McCombs, and many more.

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