Watch: Le Guess Who? volunteers share their experiences

Watch: Le Guess Who? volunteers share their experiences

Fri Oct 11th
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Each year Le Guess Who? works with a big team of volunteers, consisting of enthusiastic, new music-loving friends from all over the world. The festival offers a place to connect with new people, to gain working experience and to discover new and inspiring music. 

To give you an impression of what it is like to volunteer at Le Guess Who? we spoke with Sham Mohd and Muaraz Sallam (who both volunteered last year) about their experiences at the festival. Watch our new video below. Our volunteering coördinator Cees Martens is also present in the film. 

"I got a lot of benefits from this experience. Because I was new, I didn’t know anyone. I got a lot of friends, from China, Indonesia, from Utrecht. And I met a lot of friends from my country too!" - Muataz Sallam

Le Guess Who? takes place from 7 - 10 November and we aspire to be a festival for everyone. We encourage people who are new to the Netherlands to volunteer; people who are living in an asylum center (Asielzoekerscentrum / AZC), or recently moved out of one, in the area of Utrecht. More info here


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