Revisit James Holden & The Animal Spirits' live performance at LGW17

Revisit James Holden & The Animal Spirits' live performance at LGW17

Wed Jan 31st
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Electronic explorer James Holden presented his new performance 'James Holden & The Animal Spirits' live at Le Guess Who? 2017, featuring tracks from his new album; a record that enhances Holden’s past in trance music with his love for Moroccan Gnawa music. Watch & listen to some of these performances below:

James Holden & The Animal Spirits - Each Moment Like The First, live at LGW17:

"James Holden and The Animal Spirits... such a humble performer who brought a light and warmth to the stage. A great band performance that really showed the sophistication of the Ronda venue. I had no expectation of the show, even though I have listened to the album off and on. I was really impressed by the collaborative force of the show." - quote from our visitors survey 

Listen: James Holden & The Animal Spirits - The Neverending + Go Gladly Into The Earth, live at LGW17:

During Le Guess Who? 2017, James Holden also curated his very own program. Here, you can listen to the powerful performance of Shabaka & The Ancestors at the festival, who were invited by Holden. Also check out our video portrait of the musician, recorded inside his London studio, in collaboration with de Volkskrant. 

James Holden & The Animal Spirits - Pass Through The Fire, live at LGW17:

James Holden & The Animal Spirits - Blackpool Late Eighties, live at LGW17:

Audio recorded by Marc Broer, in cooperation with VPRO / Vrije Geluiden. Video production by Nick Helderman; camera by Wim Adam, Milan van Dril, Kilian Kayser. 

News item photography by Ben Houdijk; album cover photography by Sara Amroussi-Gilissen.

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