Asha Puthli

Asha Puthli

Sunday 22:45 - 23:45

Overviewing the impulsive career of Asha Puthli, it’s dizzying how one individual can encapsulate such a ridiculous range of juxtapositions. Puthli’s notoriety really depends on who you ask: her sultry voice adorned Ornette Coleman’s avant-jazz masterpiece ‘Science Fiction’, her songs were sampled by hip hop icons like Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, and her tryst into disco and glam rock, ‘Only the Headaches Remain’, was a chart success in Japan during the early 80’s. Puthli is a true international icon, not to mention one of the first recording artists to successfully merge traditional Indian influences with Western pop. Her myriad talents – which branch all the way into opera, dance and acting – is only matched by a free and restless personality, counting Diana Vreeland, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali among early admirers.

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