LGW TV content now online, feat. Reports from Other Continents, Vunk on Vacation & King Khan's Telethon

LGW TV content now online, feat. Reports from Other Continents, Vunk on Vacation & King Khan's Telethon

Thu Feb 4th
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Following the launch of LGW ON, our very own online TV channel which streamed mid-November, we are now sharing a lot of programs and video content that premiered on the channel via our YouTube account.

We've now published the first videos as part of our new Reports from Other Continents project; all episodes of our alternative travel show Vunk on Vacation; and King Khan's "We Not I" Tarot Telethon, with more to follow soon. 


Reports from Other Continents

In Reports from Other Continents, people from all over the world share video reports on topics such as art, culture and music from within their own communities—made specifically for, and commissioned by, Le Guess Who?

Typically, Le Guess Who? would share these kinds of special, worldwide musical traditions and cultural developments through concerts and performing artists; with that not being possible this year, we decided to reach out to the amazing and extensive network of artists, musicians, creatives, and their representatives with whom we have worked over the years to find stories from within their local communities that should be shared. The response was overwhelming, with 28 different reports from all over the world being made in 2020 for the festival.

Reports from Other Continents is a platform for people to tell their own story.

We've published a Venezuela special, in which Trópico 70 Diggin Lab reveals stories about “El Sistema”, which brings hope, joy, and positive social impact to one million children throughout the country; the significant impact of COVID-19 as well as new initiatives launched during the pandemic (such as a book and a record about the history of reggae in Venezuela); and how cultural leaders and musicians keep alive the Afro-Venezuelan culture in San Agustín, a culturally rich district in south-central Caracas:

From the Democratic Republic of Congo, film director, producer, and human rights activist Horeb Bulambo Shindano reports on the traditional folk shows that musician Baeni Mukuba presents each week, as a remedy to the permanent trauma in his town of Sake:

In Mexico, musician and industrial designer Hugo Hernández offers a showcase of Mexico’s unique musical soundscape through its street vendors:

Bant Magazine takes a look at global modern history through songs made in Turkey, telling the story of how world events in modern history found place in Turkish music:

In Indonesia, audiovisual enthusiast Adythia Utama made a video report about Irama Nusantara: a non-profit foundation to archive data and information on Indonesian music and serving as a reference point for those curious about Indonesia's musical past:

In Kenya, event organizer and record label co-owner Musau Mumo Matheka reports about Kenyan new music culture SHRAP (Sheng + Trap + Pop) and Gengetone (Kenyan Pop):

From Suriname, filmmaker Tolin Alexander shows how people in the Marowijne district honor their cultural heritage through the hybrid music genre Aleke:

In Morocco, Arabic web-magazine Ma3azef interview Khtek17 (Houda Abouz) about her musical career and her vision as an artist and active feminist:

From Spain, Colectivo Ñingüita, a multidisciplinary collective of international artists, report on the devastating effects of Covid-19 for the cultural sector, and the future that awaits flamenco:

From India, curator, writer, and filmmaker Rana Ghose offers a portrait of electronic artist Lifafa, who has spent 5 years exploring uncharted terrain in this part of the world:

From Ghana, filmmaker Marilena Delli provides documentation of music by a group of elderly women persecuted in a witch camp in the northern part of the country:

In Ukraine, artist management and record label Worn Pop present a video of Ivanov Down, one of the main representatives of the Ukrainian 90's avant-garde music scene:

In Macedonia, Gjorgji Janevski present a portrait of music and friendship from Skopje and beyond, while also releasing a compilation of artists and bands featured in this short documentary.

In Mexico, Sonido Confirmación – a project that explores urban visuality & sound – reports on the ‘El Peñon’ district in Mexico City: the cradle of the ‘sonidero’ movement and a rich a source of cumbia and tropical music.

In Russia, punk-ethnographic label Ored Recordings takes different approaches towards traditional Circassian music in its current state: from authentic storytelling to modern post-folk music and black metal.

In South Africa, acoustic guitar visionary & urban mythologist Sibusile Xaba sits down with renowned artists in his city of Pretoria to chat about all things related to art and creativity.


Who's Zoomin' Who?

Brandon Stosuy (author of 'Make Time for Creativity') and multi-instrumentalist Meg Duffy (Hand Habits) discuss creativity during the pandemic, touring life, defining failure, and what the world will look like coming out of lockdown:


Vunk on Vacation

In 2020, Utrecht has to miss the beloved Le Guess Who? visitors who travel across the world each year to visit the festival. That's why we're bringing Utrecht to them. We asked cult star DJ David Vunk to act as a guide for our alternative travel show Vunk On Vacation.

As a digital alternative to Le Mini Who?, Vunk travels from Rotterdam to Utrecht to show you the local hot spots, to interview Utrechtian entrepreneurs, and to host live sessions with Dutch artists on exciting locations in Utrecht, captured by Dutch music publication Front.

In the first episode, David Vunk visits independent local record store Dig It!, hosts a session with Amsterdam’s upcoming noise rockers a fungus at the former psychiatric clinic Pieter Baan Centrum, and takes an Arabic language crash course at De Voorkamer in Utrecht’s Lombok District. You can also watch the full session with a fungus, captured by Front, here

In the second episode, David Vunk bakes his own 'Vunkinator' pizza at Punk Pizza, and hosts a live session with voice artist Greetje Bijma & leftfield producer Oceanic at the iconic Centraal Museum. David also visits Utrecht's institute Broodje Mario, Le Guess Who?'s former design agency Loudmouth, and De Schuttevaer, who have been offering canal tours for over sixty years. You can also watch the full session with Greetje Bijma & Oceanic, captured by Front, here

In the third episode, Vunk participates in a Chinese dancing lesson organized by Stichting 't Zonnetje and hosts a session with Syrian-born, Utrecht-based vocalist, composer and Ud player Nawras Altaky at analog print studio (and occasional club) Kapitaal. David also shortly pops by at LGW venue EKKO, Utrecht city lab RAUM, and Café Weerdzicht. You can also watch the full session with Nawras Altaky & Ghaeth Almaghoot, captured by Front, here

In the fourth and final episode, David Vunk learns everything there is to know about making coffee at The Village Coffee & Music and hosts a live session with the joyous, psychedelic cumbia of Conjunto Papa Upa at The Village's roasting house. David and the group end the night at Brewpub De Kromme Haring, which is also the official brewery of the Le Guess Who? festival beers. You can also watch the full session with Conjunto Papa Upa, captured by Front, here


King Khan's "We Not I" - Tarot Telethon

King Khan hosts a hilarious psychomagic comedy with his daughter Bella The Bizarre, as they answer the deeper questions of life using his amazing "Black Power Tarot" (which was also exhibited at LGW previously).

It’s a divine comedy made to help heal the world and promote Global Solidarity Forever, an organization that Khan has started in partnership with Malik Rahim (founder of the Common Ground Relief and former leader of the Louisiana Chapter of the Black Panthers).

This program was made specifically for Le Guess Who? and was commissioned by the festival:

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