Listen to Moor Mother's FACT mix 593

Listen to Moor Mother's FACT mix 593

Mon Mar 20th

Working from her base in Philadelphia, Camae Ayewa, aka Moor Mother, has taken a wide range of influences and distilled them into an essential, idiosyncratic sound best evidenced on last year’s acclaimed Fetish Bones full-length.

Her FACT mix is equally impressive, wielding a range of genres and artists. Listen & check out the tracklist below. 

Coldcut featuring Saul Williams & DJ Spooky & DJ Goo – ‘Pledge to Resist’
Actress – ‘Holy Water’
DJ Marfox – ‘Voodoo Sound’
Saul Williams – ‘Gunshots from Computer’
Soul Glo -‘Son of a Gun’
DJ MikeQ – ‘Master Blaster’
RZA & Yoko Ono – ‘Greenfield Morning’
DJ Marfox – ‘Full Speed’
DJ Firmeza – ‘Alma d Mue Pai’
Actress – ‘Floating in Ecstasy’
H09909 – ‘Day of Vengeance’
The Bug feat Flowdan & Killa P – ‘Skeng’
Grace Jones – ‘Private Life’ ( Moor Mother Edit)
DJ Stingray – ‘2.4 Ghz ISM’
King Britt – ‘The Theme to Cosmic View’
Amiri Baraka – ‘Dope’
Tony Allen – ‘Koko Dance’
DJ Marfox – ‘Urban ADN’
Bob Marley – ‘Positive vibration’
Moor Jewerly – ‘Hardware’
Mental Jewelry – ‘Trails’
Burial – ‘Gutted’
Ras G – ‘Ghetto Sci Fi’
Sir Froderick and Ohbliv – ‘Asitrainshrooms’
Logic – ‘Banished’
Death – ‘Let the World Turn’
RP Boo – ‘Area 72’
Young Smoke – ‘Wouldn’t get Far’
Moor Mother – ‘The Motionless Present’
Burial – ‘Nite Train’
Moor Mother – ‘Untitled Fetish Bones Poem’

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