Pharoah Sanders & Peter Brötzmann featured in Pitchfork's Best Albums of the 1960s

Pharoah Sanders & Peter Brötzmann featured in Pitchfork's Best Albums of the 1960s

Tue Aug 29th
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Pitchfork have just published their list of best albums of the 1960s - no less than 200 choices, that include jazz icon Pharoah Sanders' influential and cosmic 'Karma', as well as The Peter Brötzmann Octet's freewheeling and expressive 'Machine Gun'; an album that sees Brötzmann collaborating with Han Bennink, amongst other free-jazz improvisers. Stream both albums below.

Check out the full list here. Pharoah Sanders performs at Le Guess Who? on Saturday, 11 November, as part of the program curated by Shabazz Palaces. Peter Brötzmann performs twice: on Friday, 10 November, together with Heather Leigh (curated by Grouper); and on Saturday, 11 November, in collaboration with Han Bennink. 

"The Creator Has a Master Plan is a 32-minute, multi-side opus with a beautiful sentiment at its core: 'Peace and happiness for every man' (...) Closing with the much more succinct 'Colors,' an ode to the Earth’s natural beauty, Karma proved to be a crossover hit beyond jazz circles, charting after being picked up by freeform rock radio. It remains a comforting reminder in times of upheaval and uncertainty" - Pitchfork

"Machine Gun is a roaring mass of energy that serves as an auditory Rorschach test: Given its title and its initial release during a violent, tumultuous, and war-wrecked year, the album can easily inspire fear, horror, and images of violence. But its spirit of collective invention, and the sheer delight of musicians pushing their instruments beyond their design, also yields an equally vivid joy" - Pitchfork

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