Stream 'Tommy'; Klein's new EP for Hyperdub

Stream 'Tommy'; Klein's new EP for Hyperdub

Mon Oct 2nd
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Following the release of her EP 'Lagata' last year, London producer Klein now shares 'Tommy', her first release for Hyperdub. Listen in full below and read Tiny Mix Tapes' review here

"Klein debuts on Hyperdub with an intuitively avant blinder, the Tommy EP, dropping a pin at the label’s farthest flung coordinates, somewhere between concrète R&B and soul-wrenching jazz noise. Very safe to say, if you were into Klein’s Only LP, this one’s a peach" - Boomkat

Klein performs at Le Guess Who? 2017 on Friday, 10 November. That same day, Moor Mother, Dedekind Cut, Kelly Lee Owens, William Basinski, Keiji Haino, Coby Sey, Keiji Haino, and more perform as well.

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