Watch: Ex-Easter Island Head shares new video for 'Sixteen Snares'

Watch: Ex-Easter Island Head shares new video for 'Sixteen Snares'

Wed Oct 25th
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UK-based musical collective Ex-Easter Island Head utilize horizontally-laid electric guitars and bass, developing their own distinctive musical language, eschewing digital processing and effects for a vocabulary of mechanical preparations and extended techniques, creating a sound drawing on minimalism, gamelan and process music.

The band have just released the video for 'Sixteen Snares', from their latest album 'Twenty-Two Strings'; watch it below, produced Jack Whiteley: 

"Ex-Easter Island Head are canny and courageous explorers and their minimalist compositions marry both textural and narrative invention" - The Skinny

Ex-Easter Island Head perform at Le Guess Who? 2017 on Saturday, 11 November, as part of the program curated by James Holden. That same day, Pharoah Sanders, Mario Batkovic, Ben Frost, James Holden, Moon Duo, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, The Bug vs Dylan Carlson of Earth, Jambinai, and many more perform as well. 

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